‘Mad Men’ Live Read & Series Finale

I got a fun opportunity to do the poster for the Live Read and Series Finale of ‘Mad Men.’ The event will start off with a live reading of a season 1 episode titled ‘The Wheel.’ It will then conclude with a screening of the very last episode of ‘Mad Men.’ I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate the ending of one of my favorite shows. Find out more at Film Independent.


‘The Hateful Eight’ Live Read

A few weeks ago, I got an amazing opportunity to work on a poster for Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Hateful Eight’ live script reading. I actually got to attend the event last weekend. It was such an amazing experience. Quentin got up on stage and brought out some amazing actors one by one. Samuel L Jackson, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Walton Goggins, James Remar, Zoe Bell, and a few others. Check out the full story here.

LACMA Hateful Eight