Dawn of the Dead

~ by BrickHut on April 29, 2011.

15 Responses to “Dawn of the Dead”

  1. Love love love love love!!!

  2. Sean of the dead next?!

  3. Love love love love love!!!

  4. […] Owen created a wonderful “Dawn of the Dead” poster that features the shopping mall floor […]

  5. […] cant forget about where those pesky zombies are lurking. Check this awesome map of the mall from BrickHut. Tons of other great looking art on the site […]

  6. I really, really hate to be the dorky a-hole to do this since I LOVE this poster you made, but that map is the modern map. I’m sure you know this, and I know it’s really hard to find the original Monroeville Mall layout, but there was an ice rink where the food court is now. There’s even a scene using the rink. and there was a Gimbles instead of a Macy’s, I’m pretty sure.

    Also, it would be really cool to incorporate the fish pond into the legend, since that’s a fairly known scene and it’s still in the mall… I do like the simplicity of your map though and it would be fine to leave it as-is…

  7. […] work from Matt Owen who the created the “Dawn of the Dead” poster below that features the shopping mall floor […]

  8. […] Buy it here […]

  9. I think one of those stores was a “Horne’s” too, but I don’t recall what end of the mall it was. I agree with Brittany, the Food Court was a ice rink. I think the other store was a Kaufmann’s.

  10. Actually, there are some fairly accurate drawings of the mall at 1978 on this page: http://home.comcast.net/~axlish/mallofthedead.htm

    Notably, this picture could be used: http://home.comcast.net/~axlish/mall_1st.jpg

  11. When DotD was filmed, the Macy’s was Kaufmann’s, the Boscov’s was Horne’s, and the Penney’s was Penney’s. The lower level where the Gap shows on the above map would have been the G.C. Murphy’s, and the fish pond was outside that.

    There are a couple other problems that I notice even if we’re looking at a current layout. There’s no western entrance on the lower level of the mall where the food court (nee Ice Palace) is, and the Gap stores are on the upper level.

    Here’s an actual current directory for anybody who’d like to do more research/piecing together:


    Photo of the rink from the upper level

  12. […] Owen created a wonderful “Dawn of the Dead” poster that features the shopping mall floor […]

  13. […] The artist’s name is Matt Owen, he’s got plenty more awesome posters and designs on his site – HERE […]

  14. […] Dawn of the Dead mall layout, including zombie positions. […]

  15. […] Dawn of the Dead Floor Plan […]

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