The Usual Suspects

~ by BrickHut on October 6, 2010.

10 Responses to “The Usual Suspects”

  1. Matt, I think I see your next career… Effin’ brilliant! (Are you getting tired of people saying this yet?)

  2. Amazing. Flippin’ eck, you’re great!

  3. Unreal. I’ve been marveling at these since you started, but this one definitely deserves an “ohmygoodnessthat’sawesome.” Market these, man. Or sell them on Etsy or Supermarket… or the male equivalents of Etsy and Supermarket.

  4. very nice idea.

  5. This is my new favorite

  6. I love it.

  7. When I scroll the page, the left foot prints of this image seems to move, which reminds me that I’ve seen in my minds eye how some of your brilliant designs might work as holograms, or rather the early version, those plastic double-image buttons we remember, like the winking eye, etc.

  8. Hey, I stumbled onto this on etsy…is this your store?

  9. Spoiler alert!!

    but nice

  10. I hope you gave Netflix permission to cut up and use this image, cause that’s what’s happened! I hope your brilliant work isn’t being stolen…

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